Humanitarian Efforts
“Venezuela Mudslide of 1999”

The monstrous mud slide in Venezuela destroyed the 150 miles of coastline and killed over 100,000 people. The “Foundation Legacy de Venezuela” provided schools and homes to the needy. The Legacy Foundation Legacy organized a MASH unit for humanitarian relief.


“Indonesia and Sri Lanka Tsunami Victims”

Legacy Chairman Lou Zylstra, along with Legacy’s export housing affiliate, International Home Export, have provided designs of pre-fabricated housing packages for the families of the Tsunami disaster. Legacy has pledged a 5% donation to the estimated $25-50 million dollar housing project requested by the disaster affected counties.

“Extreme Home Makeover”

Legacy Chairman Lou Zylstra donated to his time and expertise to “Extreme Home Makeover” in the summer of 2004. As a Registered Professional Engineer of our affiliate company of Z&A Engineering, Inc. Lou provided structural drawings and on-site supervision to another construction project.

“Gregory Hines Charity Golf Tourney 2004”

The Legacy Foundation is an annual participant in the Gregory Hines Charity Golf Tourney sponsored by Legacy Agent Lynn Green of “Body Mind & Spirit Foundation. Lynn Green is active in many Cancer and Humanitarian projects, and is an active participant with the Legacy Board of Directors.

“Vietnam Housing”

Legacy Chairman Lou Zylstra donated his time and expertise to provide housing for the needy in Vietnam. The project sponsored by Western Metal Lath included the design and models be capable of withstanding harsh jungle environments, as well as minimal required skills in fabrication.

“Habitat for Humanity”

Legacy Chairman Lou Zylstra has donated to the Habitat for Humanity – Steel Framed Homes in Southern California. Legacy continues to support Habitat for Humanity and the efforts of the Steel Framing Alliance. Legacy Chairman Lou Zylstra is a member of the California Steel Framing Alliance Board of Directors.

“United Way of America”

Legacy CEO, Tony Wilson, is a director of the United Way in Palm Beach County, Florida. Tony has dedicated his time, as head of the investment committee, for many years. Tony has also served on the board of the Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools, and the Wylers Children's Hospital of Chicago, Illinois.

“Extended School Care Programs”

Legacy Director Tom DePuit has donated his time and efforts to the South Hayward Activities Program providing 800 students with after school programs and activities. The community-based program provided cultural dance, sports programs, Kung-Fu training, as well as basic extended care programs.

“Hayward Boys & Girls Clubs”

Legacy Director Tom DePuit has dedicated his time and efforts to the “Boys and Girls Clubs of America” promoting the youth sports, team building, and teamwork developed from the experiences of his thirty year coaching career, including the over 10 years of Division I football, and his professional career with the Shreveport Knights of Louisiana!

“Teens Kick Ash”

Legacy Director Tom DePuit promotes good health with the “Teens Kick Ash” program promoting anti-smoking. The program, sponsored by the American Cancer Society, reaches out to students and teaches them about the dangers and risks of tobacco use.

“Breast Cancer Walk”

Marion DePuit, wife of Legacy Director Tom DePuit, is a two-time cancer survivor. Marion has dedicated her life to cancer survivors and is the Chair of the Central Alameda County Cancer Control Committee, which provides training and education on cancer related and health promotion initiatives. Marion is also the coordinator of Health Ministries for Rose Hospitals.



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