The Legacy Foundation is a Non-Profit Foundation dedicated to humanitarian projects worldwide.

The focus of The Legacy Foundation is to manage, operate, and maintain project resources to assist the betterment of mankind by developing humanitarian resources, advanced technologies, channels of commerce, and financial opportunities.

The Legacy Foundation seeks to establish an international productive forum of the best minds and hearts the world has to offer; gathered from people everywhere with one single thought in mind: to create a positive atmosphere where a common pool of solutions can be achieved to find truly inspired ways to overcome social, economic, and logistical problems of feeding, clothing, providing health care, and shelter for the planet.

The Legacy Foundation recognizes that it is the responsibility of the inhabitants of this world to care for one another as a supreme prerogative, that our success or failure in the near future will depend on peaceful cooperation. If we are to survive we must help even the least of our people, for this will be measure of our dedication and the true signal for all time that we took charge during our watch and brought the world into a new age of human development.

The Legacy Foundation takes its dream and offers it as a challenge to the world.”

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