"Shelter for the Homeless!"

Legacy and its worldwide partners have the expertise and vision to provide affordable housing to all mankind. Shelter is a key element of survival whether you are in poverty riddled Africa, devastated Indonesia, or the inner cities of America.


"Medical Advances will Free the World from Pain and Suffering!"

Legacy promotes the success of medical endeavors for ailments and unnecessary suffering of mankind. The world’s advances in cancer, AIDS, Chronic diseases, basic hospital care, are essential. Our Medical efforts must protect and rescue of children throughout the world. Legacy will always endeavor to establish an international productive forum of the best minds and hearts that medicine has to offer!


"Mankind must endeavor to free the world through education, and the elimination of hunger and despair!"

Legacy Foundation is dedicated to the helping individuals in need; whether it be debt, despair, or servitude. We are dedicated to educating all people in the basics of language, music, and the arts. We recognize that we live in a dangerous and violent world denying honor and respect to many. We dedicate our efforts to encourage good in the world!

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